October 2017

The 5th annual Brighton Balboa Weekend


Come to Brighton, eat some ice cream and dance Balboa!



The Teachers

This year we have Dan & Gemma Guest, Rob Shield & Helen Forsyth, Katy & Alistair Mcgrory 


Schedule & Levels


Times: Friday 7pm-11pm. Saturday 10-5 & 7pm-11pm, Sunday 10am for a talk on the history of Balboa, then lessons from 1pm-5pm.

There will be three levels of class, Beginners, Intermediate & Advance. Please note in the Beginners level, you will need to know some Balboa to take part in the weekend, even just two or three lessons under your belt will help you. Here is a list of Balboa teachers to start you off; Dan Guest, Paul & Natasha, Mel & Jo, Nikki Santillli, Simon Selmon. Lizzie from Sussex Swing will be running a Beginners course in Brighton nearer the time of the festival.




This year, we will be using the two rooms at the One Church and Mrs Fitzherberts in the day & the Unitarian Church in the evening.


Inbetween the Theatre Royal, the Dome Theatre and the famous Royal Pavillion there are lots of cafes, a park and even a resturant next door to the venue. You wont need to bring your car!